5G network investigation: What makes 5G stand out?


The 5G network investigation: looking into the future 

The Fifth Generation of Mobile Networks is currently one of the most interesting and at the same time controversial subjects globally. Its capabilities are certainly great and could change our lives to the point that most individuals cannot even conceive. Yet, this massive innovative network comes with great responsibility towards the world. Today, we will be looking into the different aspects of 5G usage, the positives, the negatives, and some criticism. Through this research, we will also attempt to clarify whether the world is currently ready for such a powerful tool to be inducted in our everyday lives. 

What makes 5G stand out?

The Fifth Generation of Mobile Networks is the successor of the 4G network that is currently still used around the world, but its attractiveness has started to fade away. 4G became very popular during the 2010s and it helped advance cloud computing, TV and video game applications. 5G on the other hand, takes the game to the next level from various points of view. First, it enables users to obtain tremendous internet speed, reaching levels never experienced before. As a very simple example, internet speed can help users download a lot faster, peaking at 20 Gbps per second. 

From a medical perspective, the speed of the network combined with the necessary equipment could enable the examinations of patients in other countries or even other continents. Moreover, surgery could be performed from abroad, giving patients from all around the world the equal opportunity to enjoy first-class medical care. 

What makes 5G separate itself from previous Mobile Networks despite communication, is that it will support computation, control, and content delivery tasks. Other very exciting features of 5G include virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), autonomous vehicle driving, and the rising in popularity Internet of Things (IoT). IoT applications are said to become a great part of our lives within the next five years, with an estimate of 80 billion devices being able to perform this type of services. At this point, it would be accurate to note that traits like security, reliability, low latency, or technologies like artificial intelligence, and wireless network coverage, are all expected to be part of IoT devices.

The pre-mentioned will become major characteristics of our lifestyle, our home, our work and our transportation methods. Furthermore, another major issue that large companies face at the moment is data storage. For the time being, companies are forced to delete data in order to maintain storage space. Deleting data could be a very reckless action for many individuals and firms, as that information could prove useful for decision making in the future. Thus, 5G could be able to resolve such issues with the fast movement of information and data.

5G devices at the moment

In the past year or so some tech companies have managed to release smartphones with 5G capabilities. Companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple are currently some of the smart phone makers to create the first tools to unleash 5G technology. According to users that have purchased such devices, the results have not been great. 

First, 5G antennas have to directly face to face with the smart phone to receive the full speed of the internet. If the antenna is obscured from the smart phone, the network speed is decreased dramatically. As this was tested in some cities in the US, it is evident that to manage to open the network to a whole state, antennas will be required everywhere. For this reason, in my opinion, it will be a great challenge for companies in the US like Verizon to spread the 5G network all over the US.


Criticism, conspiracy and health worries

If you know me personally you probably know that I am definitely not a conspiracy theory supporter and even vice versa but in this paragraph, I will try not to take sides and will try to share pure information.

In some parts of the world, people have undertaken strong views against the usage of 5G technology. Some of these views are related to conspiracy theories and others are related to health concerns. 

The most dominant conspiracy theory starts with the current circumstances around the globe, which involve the covid-19 outbreak. Some people believe that the virus pandemic is a reason to cover for the wide spreading of the 5G antennas. 

Various famous people have managed to receive attention on social media, after posting videos and their opinions that 5G is related to the covid-19 pandemic. 

Even the World Health Organization was forced to clearly state its opinion on the matter, providing specific information on its website. 

This is evidence that a lot of people, truly oppose and disapprove of the use of 5G networks. On the other hand, 5G antennas have also been accused of increasing risks to human health and the environment. Even though neither of these allegations has been confirmed, for the time being, some people request 5G antennas to be removed from their cities. 

The health concerns are related to cancer fears and it could be difficult to prove whether this is true or not. Yet, in my opinion for an antenna to be able to send this kind of speed to smartphones and other devices, it must withhold huge amounts of energy within it but I don’t think that it could be exposing the surrounding environment to it.

What’s are your thoughts about the 5G technology? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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