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Privacy and Policy


These General Terms and Conditions are valid between:

Trade 2 Grow LTD registered in the city of Varna, UIC: 203782890 with registered office and address of management 9000 Varna, Gen. G. Popov 27 B, email: office@trade-insider.com, telephone: +359892961611 administrator of personal data, hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER, on the one hand,
and, on the other hand, the person who has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as USER, in connection with the ordering and purchase of the offered information society services through the website www.trade-insider.com
Please read these General Terms and Conditions for the use of the services offered through the website www.trade-insider.com
The Services of the Provider are provided to the Users, provided that they accept them without changing the rules and conditions contained in this document. The website www.trade-insder.com consists of different content pages and is owned and operated by the Provider. These General Terms and Conditions have the force of a contract between the Provider and the User, which is considered concluded from the moment of using the service provided by the Provider and is valid until the moment of termination of use of the Service.
These General Terms and Conditions comply with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the Electronic Commerce Act, as well as with other regulations in force in the Republic of Bulgaria. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not continue to use www.trade-insider.com

1.Concepts and definitions

1.1 For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms and expressions used in them have the following meanings:
"Provider" is "Trade 2 Grow" Ltd., owner of the website www.trade-insider.com The Provider has the full rights to unilaterally change the content of the website and the ways of access to it.
"User" is an able-bodied person who has reached the age of majority, who has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions in connection with the application and use of the services offered at www.trade-insider.com. A User is also a person who has requested, paid for and used a Service provided by the Provider.
"IP Address" ("IP address") is a unique identification number that associates a computer, website or resource of the User, in a way that allows their localization in the global Internet network.
"User profile" is a part of the site that contains information about the User. The data for names, telephone, the e-mail address provided by the User during his registration or use of the Service is stored by www.trade-insider.com, and the access to the user profile is carried out by entering a username and password. In his profile, the User can view and edit the data entered during registration, have access to a history of the subscription plans he has used, change his access password and more.
"Password" is a combination of symbols (letters and / or numbers) chosen by the User, which together with the current e-mail address of the User, gives him the opportunity to place valid orders for the purchase of the services offered at www.trade-insider.com.
"Subscription price" is the final price for a subscription plan, including all additional taxes and fees.
"Accidental event" is unforeseen at the time of requesting a subscription plan or subsequent payment for the use of the Service, a circumstance of extraordinary nature, which makes the use of the Service objectively impossible.
"Notice / Newsletter" are electronic information messages relating to services offered through www.trade-insider.com during a certain period of time, which may be posted on the Website, or may be sent by e-mail to a User, if he has subscribed to receive the post.
"Commercial messages" are advertising or other messages representing directly or indirectly the goods, services or reputation of a person performing commercial or craft activities or exercising a regulated profession and sent to the User.
The "Website" is the website www.trade-insider.com, through which the services of the Provider are offered. "Service" includes the provision, in the form of subscription plans or in another form chosen by the Provider, of information society services within the meaning of the Electronic Commerce Act, namely the provision of remunerated commercial communications provided remotely through the use of electronic means after the explicit statement by the User. The services provided by the Provider to the Users are expressed in the publication on the Website, as well as the periodic sending of forecast data via e-mails. Forecast data and information are mainly related to, but not limited to, expectations of changes in the price and value of currency pairs. The provider reserves the right to unilaterally and at its discretion to change the services offered by him. In the cases when the change is introduced during the use of a service by the User, the change enters into force for him after his explicit consent.
"Third-party" is any person other than the Provider and the User.

2.Terms of use of the website

2.1. The website www.trade-insider.com is accessible from anywhere in the world. The information contained on this site is intended only for users in countries where the use of the Services is not contrary to applicable law. The Provider is not responsible if the Services are used by Users who are not entitled to do so under local law.
2.2. Users may use the information published in and received through the site only for personal non-commercial use.
2.3. Modification, publication, resale, transmission and distribution of the Services without the express consent of the Provider is prohibited.
2.4. The Provider reserves the rights to all intellectual property contained in the Services, such as trademarks, know-how, trade secrets, logo, design, symbols, distinctive features, advertising motto, banners, the information provided, market analysis, trade ideas and more. The content of the site and the offered Services is not allowed to be changed, copied, distributed, transferred or manipulated in any other way.
2.5. The services offered by the Provider cannot and should not be used by the User for illegal purposes.
2.6. The use of the Services may require skills and discretion, which the User should exercise in its sole discretion, entirely and solely at his own expense and risk.
2.7. The user is responsible for any action or inaction in violation of these Terms and Conditions and the relevant Bulgarian legislation for the time during which his username and password are used. The User is also responsible for the access and use of his username and password by third parties. If the User has reason to believe that someone else has unauthorized access to his username and password, he must immediately notify the Provider.
Information on the website www.trade-insider.com, including charts, current information on the status of an asset or market where it is traded, calendar, news, analysis, training materials, incl. video training, market sentiment, technical indicators, as well as any such information is intended and aims only at informing the User. It is for information purposes only and should in no way be considered and used as investment advice or a recommendation to conclude / not to conclude transactions.
2.8. Personal data, including lists of e-mail addresses, which Users voluntarily and voluntarily provide during their registration/use of the Services at www.trade-insider.com, will not be sold, rented, borrowed, traded, or leased to third parties faces. Any information entered by the User in www.trade-insider.com will be kept and will not be used in a way for which the User has not given his consent.
2.9. The provider publishes at www.trade-insider.com:
2.9.1. a description of the main characteristics of each service offered by him;
2.9.2. price to be paid by the User for a service;
2.9.3. information on payment methods;
2.9.4. the term in which the User can use a Service when paying the respective price;
2.9.5. the presence or absence of the right of the User and the conditions and the manner of its exercise to refuse the requested Service;
2.9.6. any other information that the Provider is obliged, according to the Bulgarian legislation, to provide in a timely manner to the User before using the Service by the User.
2.10. The Provider has the right to change prices, the scope of the Service, method of payment and provision of the Service, as well as the design and technology of the site. The Provider has the right to suspend the provision of a service or to change its scope entirely at its discretion and without prior notice to the User. The user should follow the changes made on the website www.trade-insider.com. In the event that a change is required in respect of a Service requested and paid for by the User and the change affects significant parameters, a representative of the Provider shall contact the User to notify him of the change.
2.11. The Provider has the right to place electronic links to other Internet sites and the provision of services by third parties, including electronic links pointing to other websites.
2.12. The user undertakes:
2.12.1. to indicate his two names, exact and valid telephone number and e-mail address for correspondence;
2.12.2. to pay the price of the Service requested by him;
2.12.3. take all care and take the necessary measures, which are reasonably necessary, in order to protect your password;
2.12.4. in view of the specifics of the Internet protocols and the security in the protection of the password data, to terminate the session in which he has logged in to his user profile by pressing the virtual button "exit";
2.12.5. to observe the Bulgarian legislation, the present General Terms and Conditions, Internet ethics, the rules of morals and good manners;
2.12.6. not to infringe another's property or non-property rights, including intellectual property rights;
2.12.7. not to interfere with the proper functioning of the system, including, but not limited to, not to frustrate the identification procedure of another user, not to provide access beyond its provision, not to prevent other users from using the Website;
2.12.8. not to extract by technical means or in a technical way information resources or parts of information resources belonging to the databases located on the Website and thus not to create its own database in electronic or another form;
2.13. The user has the right to:
2.13.1. online access to the Provider, in compliance with the conditions and requirements for access, except in the event of circumstances beyond the control of the Provider - cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems in the global Internet;
online access and correction of the data provided during registration; 2.13.3. to terminate the use of the Service requested by him, in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions;
2.14. In case of non-compliance with the obligations of the User, including, but not limited to, in cases where the Provider has doubts or evidence that the User's profile is used by more than one person, the Provider has the right to immediately and without prior notice suspend access to the User and third parties. to the provided Service, as well as the right to compensation for all damages and lost profits, which are a direct and immediate consequence of the non-fulfilment of the obligations under the previous paragraph by the User. In these cases, the Provider has the right to refer to the competent state authorities to establish the relevant violation.

3. Sending notifications.

3.1. Use the Service on the website www.trade-insider.com, as well as the signing of which by the Services is done by sending an e-mail. Use the Provider Services and accept these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to provide all electronic communications provided by the Provider through the website www.trade-insider.com, emails, telegram application and other means of communication.
3.2. Regarding the application for refund of the use of the service and entering the data on the website upon registration, the User must agree to create electronic correspondence, information newsletter, as well as to make advertising messages by e-mail, SMS (short message via mobile phone) and by any electronic means. The user can opt-out of receiving notifications on the electronic mail system and the mobile phone at any time such as:
3.2.1. uses a specially made internet connection, which is contained in each exhibition - button "unsubscribe" ("Unsubscribe").
3.2.2. by contacting the Provider at the e-mail/telephone address indicated on the website with an explicit request not to receive notifications.
3.3. If after the refusal to receive a notification, the user requests a new use of the service, he considers that after agreeing to make a notification.
3.4. The Provider reserves the right to choose to whom to send a notice, as well as to reduce from their database User who has given his consent to be exposed.

4.Provision of the Service. Technical steps. Termination and limitation of the service.

4.1. These general terms and conditions apply both to Services for which registration is required and to those that are not.
4.2. To use the Services, the User must enter a password for remote access selected by him. The password for remote access is determined by the User by making an online registration on the Website of the Provider, following the indication in it and the present general conditions.
4.3. From the moment of registration and with accuracy in completing your data and pressing the button "Yes, I accept", "Registration" or another statement in the sense of consent, the User agrees to insist on their observance. In case of using the service, no registration is required, from the moment of ordering and / or the first use of a service, the User accepts the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions and is considered related to them. From the moment of binding the User with the clause for these General Terms and Conditions, it is possible to use the services offered through www.trade-insider.com
4.4. The Provider confirms the implementation of the registration of the User by sending a message to indicate by the User to an e-mail address, which is sent and information to activate the registration. The User confirms the registration by electronic reference in the message sent by the Provider.
4.5. Upon registration, the User undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date data and to promptly update the data specified in his registration in case of change. In case the User provides incorrect data or cannot reflect the changes in them, the Provider has the right to stop immediately and without notice the provision of the service. The user is free to correct the information entered by him in the registration form.
4.6. At any time before, after time or after the provision of the service, the Provider has the right to require the User to identify himself and certify the authenticity of each of the announced during the registration of the circumstances and personal data. If for any reason the User has banned or lost his name and password, the Provider has the right to generate new data and send them to the User, after the latter provides evidence that the account is his. Users use a previous interface on the Provider's website to create electronic statements in their relations with them.
4.7. At any time before, after time or after the provision of the service, the Provider has the right to require the User to identify himself and certify the authenticity of each of the announced during the registration of the circumstances and personal data. In the event that for any reason the User has banned or lost his name and password, the Provider has the right to generate new data and send them to the User, after the latter provides evidence that the account is his.
4.8. The provider includes an interface to the website, technical means for detecting and correcting errors in entering information before being requested to use the service.
4.9. The User undertakes not to use the software, scripts, programming languages or other technologies that could create difficulties in its use by other Users when using the Service.
4.10. The User independently provides the equipment for access to the Service and its management.
4.11. When it is necessary to send access data or others, for reasons of security of personal data of the User, the Provider will send the data only to the e-mail address that was specified by the User during registration.
4.12 To improve the quality of the Services, perform prevention, troubleshooting and other related activities, the Provider has the right to temporarily or indefinitely limit or suspend the provision of the Service. The provider promptly resumes the provision of the service after the circumstance, which is the reason for the suspension, ceases to exist.
4.13. The provision of the Services is suspended:
4.13.1. upon expiration of the period of provision of the Service, according to the subscription plan selected by the User.
4.13.2. in cases when the Provider has doubts or evidence that the User's profile is used by more than one person;
4.13.3. with the termination of the registration of the User for use of the Service, when registration is required for it;
4.13.4. upon termination and declaration of liquidation or declaration of bankruptcy of the Provider or the User;
4.13.5. by mutual consent of the Provider and the User, expressed in writing;
4.13.6. unilaterally with the notice from each of the parties in case of non-fulfilment of the obligations of the other party;
4.13.7 in case of objective impossibility of the Provider or the User to fulfil its obligations;
4.13.8. in case of seizure or sealing of the equipment by state bodies;
4.13.9. The Provider has the right at its discretion, without giving the notice to terminate the provision of the Service to the User, if it finds that the provided Services are used in violation of these general conditions, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and generally accepted moral norms.


5.1. The Provider provides Services for a fee due to the User, according to the subscription plan chosen by him. All payments are final.
5.2. For each Service the User must pay the price that is announced on the Website at the time of ordering the use of the Service. The price of each Service may change at the discretion of the Provider. Information about the various subscription plans and their prices can be found at www.trade-insider.com
5.3. The Provider reserves the right at its discretion for advertising purposes or to present a demo version of the Service to provide a period for which the Services will be provided free of charge.
5.4. Payment for the service selected by the User is made through the method of payment selected by him in advance. The User has access to the service offered by the Provider after paying the price for it.
5.5. The Provider confirms the receipt of the payment by activating the Service and / or by other appropriate confirmation electronically.
5.6. Possible payment methods are listed on the website and include bank transfer or electronic payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill, ePay and others. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to be informed that some of the electronic payment systems automatically withdraw funds from customer accounts, for which the Provider is not responsible.
5.7. The price for the Service remains fixed during the standard subscription period of one month unless otherwise agreed. To continue using the Service for another subscription period, the payment of the price for the new subscription period should be made no later than 00.00. EET on the date on which the current subscription period expires unless otherwise agreed. Failure to pay for the Service for a new subscription period will result in termination of the Service immediately after the expiration of the current subscription plan.
5.8. The User has the right to stop using the Service during the subscription plan and to notify the Provider that he does not wish to use the subscription in the future. In this case, the Provider does not owe a refund of the price of the Service or other fees paid by the User.
5.9. The Provider reserves the right to change the prices of the Services and the terms of the subscriptions at its discretion.

6.Lack of a right of withdrawal

6.1. By accepting these General Terms and / or using the Services provided by the Provider, the User agrees that by starting to use the subscription plan, the Service is fully provided and gives his explicit prior consent that he will not have the right to refuse, according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.
6.2. By accepting these General Terms and / or using the Services provided by the Provider, the User confirms that he knows that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the Service is provided by the Provider.

7.Copying information

7.1. All information published on the site www.trade-insider.com and received by the User when using the Service is the property of the Provider.
7.2. The User is not entitled to distribute, transmit, sell, copy or provide information obtained through the Website or when using the Service to any third party.


8.1. The Provider is not responsible for not providing access to the Service in the event of circumstances beyond its control - cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems in the global Internet.
8.2. The Provider does not guarantee that the access to the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free from errors, as far as it is beyond its capabilities, control and will.
8.3. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused to the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, or for the loss of data resulting from materials or resources sought, downloaded or used in any way through it.
8.4. Insofar as it does not have the objective possibility and obligation and does not control the Websites and resources made available through the electronic links placed on the Website, the Provider is not responsible for the illegal nature of the content and materials, including links located on these Websites and resources or changes and links to a linked site. The supplier is not liable for damages and lost profits resulting from the use, access or inaccuracy of these materials and content.
8.5. Some Services provided through the Website may, but do not have to, be provided by sites and organizations from outside the European Union. Using a product, service or functionality originating from the domain www.trade-insider.com, the User confirms and accepts that the Provider may share such information and data with a third party with whom the Provider has a contractual relationship to provide the requested product, service or functionality. on behalf of the User.
8.6. The Provider, its suppliers or third parties shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damages, loss of information, lost profits, etc. caused by the use or non-use of the Website and the Service, regardless of the existence or non-existence of warnings against the Provider.
8.7. The Provider has no obligation and the objective ability to control how the User uses the information provided through the Service respectively is not responsible for it.
8.8. The services provided by the Provider are entirely for educational purposes and the general information of the User and do NOT guarantee any financial result. The services provided by the Provider do not constitute a recommendation and/or advice for the purchase and/or sale of any financial instrument or alternative currency. In case of financial losses suffered as a result of using the Services, the Provider shall not be liable.
8.9. The information posted on the website www.trade-insider.com does not take into account the investment goals and financial capabilities of individual users. Before the User takes any action based on the materials and information posted on the Website, he must assess whether they are appropriate for him and, if necessary, seek professional advice from a third party. The prices of the traded instruments specified in the Service may increase as well as decrease. This can lead to losses on the part of the Users. Past achievements and gains are no guarantee of future success and results are not guaranteed. Margin-based financial instruments as well as alternative currencies carry a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before investing, please make sure you understand all the risks associated with margin trading and other types of stock trading.


9.1. Each User can provide feedback to the Provider to ask questions, make suggestions and receive information. The connection can be made to the specified e-mail address on the site, e-mail (e-mail) specified on the site and through the contact form in the "Contact" section.
9.2. The provider is the administrator of the website and respectively of the field for opinions and discussions. In the performance of this function, it can eliminate any obscene and offensive qualifications that violate morals and good manners.

10.Protection of personal data. Privacy policy

10.1. Trade 2 Grove EOOD is a personal data administrator entered in the register of the Commission for Personal Data Protection with identification № хххххх Control over the activity related to the collection, processing and provision of personal data is exercised by the following state body:
Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP)
Address: Sofia 1592, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2
Address: Sofia 1592, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2
Tel: 02 / 91-53-518
El. mail: kzld@cpdp.bg
Website: www.cpdp.bg.
10.2. The Provider takes all necessary legal measures to protect the personal data of the User. This policy explains how the information of visitors to www.trade-insider.com is processed
10.3. According to these General Terms and Conditions, to use the services offered through the Website, registration with a password and e-mail is required. Registration is completely free and is done by filling out the registration form. Upon registration, the User must provide e-mail and password, three names, telephone. Upon registration on the site, the User provides the data specified in the previous sentence voluntarily and at his own request.
10.4. By using the Website, the User expressly agrees that his personal data be collected and processed by the company by the Personal Data Protection Act while ensuring their accuracy and reliability. The user also declares that he has been informed of the type of personal data that is collected and processed, the purposes for which it will be used, and his rights to access, correct, modify or delete personal data.
10.5. The Provider takes action to collect personal data of the User to respond to his requests, which may include: creating a personal profile, receiving a Service, providing customer service, marketing activities. The Provider does not sell, rent, lend, trade, or rent out any personal information collected at www.trade-insider.com, including membership details or email lists. Any information entered by the User in his account at www.trade-insider.com will be kept and will not be used in a way for which the User has not given his consent.
10.6. The user has the right to refuse his personal data to be used for commercial, advertising or marketing purposes. If the User does not wish the data to be used for commercial, advertising or marketing purposes, he may contact the Provider of the contacts published on www.trade-insider.com
10.7. The provider provides the personal data at its disposal to third parties (registered in Bulgaria or another Member State) only to conclude and execute distance sales contracts. Personal data shall not be provided to other third parties not related to the commercial activity of the Provider, unless the normative act provides otherwise or if the user does not give his explicit consent. The Personal Data Protection Act obliges every personal data controller, including the Provider, to disclose information required by the court or other legal means, or to prevent possible damage to persons or property. By creating a profile on the Website, the User declares that he is aware that in certain cases the Provider is required to disclose information:
if required by law; in the execution of a judicial, regulatory or other official act or decision; based on an agreement (if any) between the Provider and other personal data controller (s), by the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act; under instructions given by the User 10.8. The provider does not collect or process data that reveals the racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in political parties or organizations, associations for religious, philosophical, political or trade union purposes, as well as data related to health, sex life or to the human genome.
10.9 Each User has access and may correct, change or delete parts of his personal data through his account. The Provider will keep his data for as long as necessary for the provision of the Services used by the User or as long as the law requires it. The user's personal data will then be deleted.
10.10. The Provider may change the provisions of this section at any time by publishing a new version on the same or a replacement page. The new version should take effect from the date on which it is published, and the new date of entry into force should be indicated at the bottom of the page.

11. General provisions

11.1 The user may at any time request the deletion of his account. In this case, the deletion is performed only after the completion of the provided Service.
11.2 The User is obliged to indemnify the Provider and all third parties for all damages and lost profits, including any costs and paid attorney's fees, paid indemnities, office expenses incurred as a result of claims by third parties in connection with non-compliance with the obligations of The user, violation of the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws, the present General Terms and Conditions, the good manners and/or the Internet ethics. The User is obliged to indemnify the Provider for all damages caused by third parties to whom he has provided his password when using the same.
11.3 The parties declare that in case of invalidity of certain parts of these General Terms and Conditions, this will not entail the invalidity of these General Terms and Conditions, and the individual invalid clauses will be considered replaced by law by mandatory rules of law.
11.5. Complaints and requests Users can send directly to the Provider at the e-mail address provided on the site, to the telephone number indicated on the site and through the contact form in the "Contact" section. All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. In case no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes arising from the relations between the parties will be resolved in court by the competent court in the city of Sofia.
11.6. The written form is considered complied with by sending an e-mail, clicking an electronic button on a page with content to be filled in by the User or marking in a field on the website of the Provider and the like, as long as the statement is technically recorded in a way that allows being played.
11.7. These General Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally by the Provider, for which the latter will notify appropriately all registered Users. The changes in the General Terms and Conditions do not affect the relations between the User and the Provider, which have arisen with a validly provided Service before the notification. The current text of the General Terms and Conditions can always be found at www.trade-insider.com.
The Provider and the User agree that any additions and amendments to these General Terms and Conditions will affect the User after his explicit notification by the Provider and if the User does not state within 14 days that he rejects them. If the User does not accept the General Terms, the Provider has the right to terminate the provision of the Service. The User agrees that all notifications of the Provider in connection with the change of these general conditions will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the User when registering for use of the Services. The User of the Service agrees that e-mails sent by this provision do not need to be signed with an electronic signature to affect him. Users who use the Services without registration accept the new general conditions from the moment of use after their change, without explicit notification of the change.
11.8. The provisions of the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the unsettled issues.
These General Terms and Conditions have been accepted by the Manager of Trade 2 Gro EOOD on 01.12.2018

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